Psychic Theresa Caputo, Medium and star of the super-popular hit show “Long Island Medium” is currently giving Psychic seminars across the east coast.

October 23 Psychic Theresa Caputo will be reportedly performing in Durham North Carolina at the Durham Performing Arts Center for all of her adoring North Carolina fans. During the Psychic event Theresa is set to give interactive readings with audience members and even share personal stories about her life.

The hit show “Long Island Medium” is just starting its third season on TLC, the show follows Theresa’s life as a typical Long Island wife and mom except for one distinct difference…her ability to communicate with the dead. Since she cannot “turn off” this gift, messages can come through at any time and the local car mechanic, manicurist or cashier at the bagel shop may find themselves receiving a spontaneous reading from Theresa as she goes about her daily life. The show also covers how Theresa copes with the special challenges that her unique abilities create for her husband of 22 years, Larry, and her two children, aged 17 and 21.

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